Do you know EZ3kiel?


It’s a french band of three, and their music will please electroacoustic fans as well as trip hop fans. Some songs are ghostly, with many noises, all of them are poetic. For each album, they develop in parallel a complete visual universe linked with the music, to be enjoyed while listening.

The interfaces of their DVDs are artworks of their own:

The band even invented musical instruments they showed in an exhibition, Les Mécaniques Poétiques:

Les mécaniques Rennes 10

They also played some of their songs with a symphonic orchestra, the Naphtaline Orchestra. Enjoy their live performance:

For each live they also create very visual videos in which you will lose yourself listening to the

(Watch them fullscreen and with max quality!)

Lac Des Signes (2004):

Strange D (2004):



You will find their music on Spotify:

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